Edge Computing Zone

Edge Computing Zone (EC Zone) is AT&T Foundry’s arena for collaboration, guidance, and testing with external technology participants. Established in 2018, the program aims to showcase revolutionary technology to the world, gather insights for the design of AT&T’s infrastructure, and create new solutions for our content, enterprise, and public sector partners. Our Designing the Edge event in March 2019 marked the expansion of EC Zone to include a 5G-equipped lab site at the Ericsson campus in Santa Clara, California.


EC Zone is working toward the realization of ambitious applications with latency, bandwidth, and real-time computing requirements that can only be addressed with edge computing and 5G networks. Our current missions include:

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Designing the Edge Recap

Thank you to everyone who came together and made this event a great success.

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The EC Zone Program engages industry players along the entire software, hardware, networking, and end-user pipeline to experiment with novel approaches to unsolved problems. Get started by letting us know how your solution aligns with our EC Zone mission.

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