Ra’anana, Israel

AT&T works with the Israeli startup ecosystem to explore innovative technologies for our customers.

There are an estimated 6,000 startups in Israel helping shape the industries of tomorrow. And each year around 200 of the top startups meet with our AT&T Foundry team in Ra’anana. That’s part of our mission—creating and cultivating relationships with the external ecosystem is what we do.

Our team acts as AT&T’s eyes and ears into the startup and venture capital communities, allowing us to bring the most revolutionary global innovation to our customers. We work closely with startup collaborators to rapidly de-risk and scale up market-shifting solutions to serve customers worldwide. Our team is interested in cutting-edge technologies and ideas and how to take them forward. We love collaborating with new companies; contact us through our chat feature to learn more.

Who we are

AT&T is a world leader in communications, media, entertainment and technology. AT&T serves millions of consumers with video, broadband and voice services. Additionally, it provides highly secure solutions for millions of businesses globally. AT&T’s unique blend of businesses work together, providing our customers around the world with connectivity, technology, entertainment, news, advertising and more.

AT&T Foundry
The AT&T Foundry brings the expertise of AT&T innovators into a collaborative environment with industry technology providers, developers and startups to move ideas to market faster. The AT&T Foundry innovation centers are in 6 cities around the world, and since its inception has executed more than 500 projects and deployed dozens of new products and services.

Opportunities to engage

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