Edge Computing Zone Mission

Cutting the Cord on XR and Gaming

Despite some industry skepticism that truly mobile 3D content streaming will ever be necessary or even possible, the AT&T Foundry remains determined to “cut the cord” on all cloud-driven XR and gaming applications. We believe that by providing end users ubiquitous access to computing power and the highest-quality experiences, we will allow content creators to finally access their desired audience. We hope that this can help overcome a major sticking point in the growth of this fertile ecosystem and allow the 3D content medium to realize its full potential. However, achieving the required end-to-end, motion-to-photon latency over a mobile network while preserving high resolution and lossless image quality is no small feat.

The AT&T Foundry has been able to demonstrate the potential of edge computing to improve the performance of cloud XR and gaming applications. In September 2018, we collaborated with Ericsson and the NVIDIA GeForceNOW cloud gaming platform to showcase “Shadow of a Tomb Raider” running over edge computing and 5G. Furthermore, our experimentation with GridRaster allowed us to quantitatively understand how improved network performance metrics, such as delay and packet jitter, would translate to improvements in application performance metrics, such as motion-to-photon latency and frame loss, therefore yielding a better experience for the end user.

Though network optimization is critical to “cut the cord” on XR and gaming applications, it is certainly not sufficient. The ecosystem must work to streamline functions throughout the entire capture and rendering pipeline and devise new techniques to distribute functions between the cloud and mobile devices. We further believe that cloud-based immersive media applications will likely benefit from network functions and applications working more synergistically in real time.

This is one of the goals that has motivated the launch of our AT&T/Ericsson 5G Edge Computing Lab. We will take a deeper dive with all parts of the cloud XR and gaming ecosystem in order to reimagine and re-architect how applications are designed and implemented.