AT&T Foundry in Israel meets innovators on the edge of 5G

February 13, 2020

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By Ofer HaCohen, Head of AT&T Foundry, Israel

We’ve said 2020 will be an epic year for edge computing. We’re adding edge compute technology into our network centers along with our 5G deployment upgrades. We’re giving our customers choices when it comes to cloud and edge services. And we’re working together with our customers and the technology ecosystem to build new things, even here in Israel.

“The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed.”

William Gibson, Science fiction writer

In our newly opened edge lab at the AT&T Foundry in Israel, we’re working in collaboration with Amdocs to mobilize the country’s startup community to make the most of 5G edge. We’ve created an innovation sandbox where we can work alongside customers and key players in the industry to explore and test possible applications for edge computing – and solve real business problems along the way.

Many next-generation solutions, from extended reality (XR) to drones, will benefit from 5G’s higher bandwidths and lower latencies. But the true potential won’t be unlocked without edge computing. Why? Because 5G is like a race car – it goes really fast. But if the streets are crowded and you must travel thousands of miles to a data center to compute, a fast car alone won’t be enough. That’s where edge computing comes in. Providing the data processing resources closer to the user, we reduce the volume of data moved (make the “streets” less crowded) and shorten the distance it travels. The result is a faster response time and a great user experience.

Enlisting the ecosystem in the edge revolution

Edge of 5GWe recently hosted an event for more than 80 of Israel’s top innovators, entrepreneurs and enterprises to further examine the disruptive power of edge computing. By bringing in leaders across the edge ecosystem, we were able to dig deeper into how best to work together as an industry to maximize the value of edge compute.

Our ecosystem colleagues participated in a lineup of informational sessions exploring how 5G and edge computing are reshaping everything we know, with speakers from AT&T, Amdocs, Microsoft, Nokia and Dell sharing their insights. We looked more closely at Azure Stack as an enabler for enterprise 5G network edge compute (NEC) use cases, serverless computing on the 5G edge, and 5G-enabled multi-access edge compute (MEC) to keep the compute on-site. All are catalysts for next-generation enterprise and industrial use cases.

“Our speakers covered the technology from a variety of different angles, representing the scope of opportunities available to pursue and the value to be created,” said Nir Henn, innovation lead, Amdocs. “We aimed to help the ecosystem better understand edge and 5G and believe we awakened inspiration about the countless ways these technologies can be leveraged for competitive advantage.”

Enthusiasm surrounding real-world use cases

We’re just scratching the surface on the use cases that will be realized through edge computing. “By implementing the Nexar stack on the Edge with 5G, we will be able to digitize and index the real-time state of the physical world with ultra-low latency, and usher in the next generation of physical applications built upon real-world context,” said Kate Balingit, SVP of Sales and Business Strategy. “Thanks to our partnership with the AT&T Foundry we’re able to access new technologies to demonstrate the power of Nexar on 5G and refine our product proposition for this new era of advanced compute and connectivity.”

Nexar is one of several Israeli startups collaborating with us on early edge use cases. Working with NoTraffic, Nexar demonstrated a “smart cities” application using low-latency edge computing to aggregate, analyze and deliver real-time traffic data. Cities, transit authorities and mapping companies can use the data to make roads safer and more efficient for drivers.

Other companies demonstrating early edge-enabled solutions at the event, included:

This work is one more example of all AT&T is doing across the world to help our customers and the industry tap the unprecedented potential made possible by 5G edge. It’s gratifying to be leading the way for this emerging technology in Israel.

Let’s do great things together!

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