Who we are

The AT&T Foundry is a network of innovation centers – physical spaces where engineers, designers, developers and business leaders test and build prototypes for real-world solutions. We explore new territory with startups, technology collaborators and enterprise customers. We drive innovation from concept to commercialization.

We are passionate about creating real solutions that can add exponential value. With every project we try to build positive connections. The Foundry is a preview of the future.

It’s all about people

We cultivate a thought-provoking environment that attracts professionals from all disciplines who work alongside business customers, sponsors and startups. Together, they inspire each other to develop unique solutions to some of today’s most challenging business problems.

At its core, the AT&T Foundry is a place of exploration and learning while staying aligned with business needs. We want everyone to be part of the innovation conversation. Our special events such as Futurecast provide an interactive forum where community members can have an open dialog with visionaries and industry leaders.

We build stuff

We build stuff

At our state-of-the-art innovation centers, we bring ideas to market faster. We accelerate the launch of new products and services through rapid prototyping. Foundry projects are designed to be quick. Getting to an intuitive, seamless prototype requires flexibility, agility, collaboration and constant, rapid iterations throughout the process. This allows us to quickly see what’s working, what’s not, and gain valuable feedback from our customers. And we deliberately remove barriers, which allows us to bring new technologies to our customers faster. The Foundry isn’t a showcase. It’s a place where we create solutions to generate revenue, reduce costs, eliminate pain-points, and help our customers thrive.

We connect with start ups

We meet with 500 startups worldwide each year to find ways they can be part of the solutions we create. As part of that commitment, we connect entrepreneurs to the right business unit to help them bring new technologies to customers faster. We created a streamlined engagement process that enables small companies to quickly access our extensive resources and expertise.

Innovation is a contact sport

When it comes to creating solutions that can change the way business gets done or even transform people’s lives, the first step is admitting we don’t know all the answers. The second step is asking the hard questions again and again. We put what we learn into the context of the problem we are trying to solve. And repeat these steps until we have a concept that works.


Collaboration is key

Our open, collaborative culture means we don’t do anything alone. We create small teams of experts to work side-by-side with our customers to co-create solutions to real problems.

Our innovation centers are strategically located in communities dedicated to advancing technology. From quantum networking to edge computing, to connected healthcare and more, we find the potential and pitfalls in new technologies.


We operate as one team

The AT&T Foundry cultivates a creative environment with people from many different backgrounds. We operate as one team. Our sponsors are a critical part of our team, working side-by-side on groundbreaking projects. Working together, we develop proof-of-concepts and co-create new solutions that bring state of the art technology to our customers.