The Innovation Pipeline (TIP)

TIPThe Innovation Pipeline (TIP) is a dynamic crowdsourcing platform that brings together the creative talent of AT&T employees to drive innovation. Since its establishment in 2009, TIP has attracted more than 100,000 members from all 50 states and 54 countries resulting in many notable launches including NumberSync, AT&T DriveMode, and AT&T Sponsored Data.

AT&T employees have 24/7 access to submit, vote and collaborate on ideas using the TIP platform. Ideas are refined through real-time feedback from peers with the best rising to the top. The top ideas are pitched to “Angel Investors” – AT&T executives who act as venture capitalists – to determine funding. Ideas are developed into working prototypes by the AT&T Foundry and then placed within an AT&T business unit or launched into the hands of our customers.

Since 2009:
  • Over 100,000
    employee members
    Over 100,000
    employee members
  • 50,000+ ideas
    50,000+ ideas
    100+ innovations launched
  • 54 countries &
    50 states represented
    54 countries &
    50 states represented